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Yoni Pearls

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Yoni Pearls are a blend of herbs in a spherical, clothed sac. herbs breaks down toxins inside of the vagina, which is expelled from the vagina. . yoni pearls discharge Inside of a, the blend of all natural herbs stimulate the healing process. cleansing the vagina. True Goddesss Pearls are recommended for infertility, PCOS, cyst, BV, endometriosis, fibroids, heavy cycles, and more. Each Goddesss is different, but to be most effective, women should do multiple cleanses regularly, at least once a month.yoni products 

Ingredients: Sophora flavescens, Radix Baipi, Fructus Chidii, Cortex phellodendri, Uimus pumila, Cinnamon, Artemisia argyi, Atractyiodes lanceolata, Mentha, Sichuan pepper, Pueraria root, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Chiorhexidine Acetate

If you suffer with reoccurring yeast infections or (BV) bacterial vaginosis, it’s possible for your body to react to the pearls’ herbs with the symptoms of itchiness, redness, burning, dryness and/or odor during the detox. Again this is the die-off period that occurs when the excess candida yeasts in our system literally “die off” producing toxins at too rapid a rate for our bodies to process and eliminate. Our bodies are magical specimens and have healing powers that keeps us healthy, Thus the detox is effective so let it do its job by pushing out the toxins that are no good for our bodies nor our vaginas.

Get some relief with these remedies.
Drink plenty of water at least 8-12 cups daily to flush your system of toxins.
Take the Apple Cider Vinegar bath. Apple Cider Vinegar can restore the appropriate level of acidity to the vagina to minimize your risk of having infection Epsom and hazel soothe you. ACV also has many nutrients with anti-viral and antibiotic properties to assist in fight infections as well as adding a boost to further build your body’s immunity. Take daily until irritation subsides.