1. How often do you restock?

We typically aim to restock every week; however, restock dates may vary due to national holidays, product availability, and unexpected delays.

2. Where do I go if I have questions? 

For customer service inquiries, feel free to email TrueGoddesss@yahoo.com or send a message to (979)476-3140.

3. Do you offer discounts and/or promotions?

At this moment, we are not offering any discounts or promotions.

4. What do I do if I received the wrong item?

At True Goddesss, we do believe that accidents happen. It is our job to own those mistakes by responding quickly and meet your every need. If you have received your order and it contains  a wrong and/or missing item, please contact us immediately via email.

5. Why does my Vagina need to be detoxed?  

Even though, the vagina is self-cleaning.It functions well if you are in optimal health.  Due to  stress,unhealthy foods, traumatic sexual experiences, birth control,  tampons, miscarriages, etc. , vaginas undergo changes that may not be pleasing to many.

6. Can I v-steam while pregnant?

V-steaming should not be used for pregnant women, women vaginal infections, cuts, wounds or women sores, or women on their menstral cycle.