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  • Ideal Fertility steam kit For Goddess's Battling | True Goddesss
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Fertility steam kit

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This Kit is ideal for my Goddesss battling the following hormonal/Yoni Issues.



This amazing combo comes with:

3 Yoni Detox Pearls /Two Weeks @ Home Fertility  Vsteam Blend/1Bar of  Yoni soap (See individual items for product detail) 


**Use All Pearl treatments First to help with reducing Heavy/Long periods, Clotting,Bloating,Removal of Old Blood and Scar tissue, Pelvic Pain, Reduce the amount of connective tissue that occurs with fibroid, reduce Uterine Bleeding and blockage. (No Expiration date) 


**PCOS-- Helps increases estrogen and decrease the amount of testosterone your body generates. 

Use @ Home Vsteam kits before your period or after to help keep above symptoms away.  (Can be used up to 1 mo after purchase) 

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