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  • High Quality Handcrafted Sweet douche Oil | True Goddesss
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True Goddesss LLC

Sweet douche

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Douching is a controversial subject and many believe that douching is normally not needed because our bodies are made to self cleanse. This is true HOWEVER

I do believe that there are times that our YONI can benefit from herbal preparations such as

( after your period ) or anytime you want a therapeutic cleansing.

This douche contains ORGANIC HERBS that have an nourishing benefit to our YONI. Great for itching, odor & irritation helps with encouraging natural lubrication 💦

I have mixed herbs that have positive effects on
Our yoni

This herbal mix is no comparison to store brought douche bottles that contain harmful chemicals. My douche is an herbal rinsing. No burning, no stinging just a gentle rinsing. Many have reported immediate relief from troublesome symptoms after just 1 use.